July 5, 2022

“All your associates are cunts/ Your mom is a ballpoint pen thief.” How you are feeling about this lyric will largely decide how you are feeling about Mclusky Do Dallas: the second and finest album by maniacally skronking Welsh shit-stirrers Mclusky, launched 20 years in the past in the present day. When forming a verdict, it helps to listen to the phrases as sung by guitarist and songwriter Andy Falkous, tuneful sufficient but coursing with a barely contained flamable ire, as if he’s simply getting began on a rant and is savoring each insult — which, after all, he’s — backed up by Jon Chapple’s virtually comedic descending bassline and Matthew Harding’s caveman thwacks. Possibly “Gareth Brown Says” strikes you as sophomoric or, owing to the usage of the c-word, offensive. However for those who’re 18-year-old me, you discover this and so many different Mcluskly tracks fully fucking hilarious.

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